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Special Magnet Wire

Self-bonding Magnet Wires

The self-bonding magnet wire is a copper conductor covered with
two layers of coating self-bonding thermoplastic flim, thermosetting
resin or other material over insulating film of polyurethane, and
polyester or similar material
To meet customer's diversified need-type of work and application
-we manufacture a wide variety if self-bonding wires by expertly

  • Type of Self-bonding Magnet Wires

  • ¡@

    Parallel-laid Multi-wires (/BL, /TL)

    Magnet wire made of two or more copper conductors enameled with polyurethane, etc. and arranged in parallel.
    Cores are readily discernible by their colors.
    - Features:
    1. Two or more signals can be transmitted simultaneously.
    2. Cores are color for easy distinction.
    3. By immersing in alcohol, wire ends can be easily separated.
    - Applicable standard: JSW standard
    - Applications: Head coils, noise filters, computer wiring.
    - Range of manufacture:

    Code Conductor Dia.(mm) No. of Conductors
    -/BL 0.12-0.40 2
    -/TL 0.12-0.40 3

    Triple Insulated Winding Wire [TEX-E]

    1. Classed as thermal resistance "A~*E" (105 - 120¢XC) type.
    2. Outstanding withstand voltage; approved as having Reinforced Insulation by test houses.
    3. Solderable in a way not allowing for the striping of the cover.
    4. Can be fast coiled by using an automatic coiling machine.
    5. Sizes available in a wide range of 0.2 - 1.0mm.


    .UL UL1950 .TuV Rheinland EN 60950
    UL1411 IEC65 as modified
    .CSA C22.2 No. 950 DIN VDE 0860
    C22.2 No. 1 HD 195 S6
    .BSI EN 60950 .NEMKO EN 60950
    EN60065 .VDE DIN EN 60950 VDE 0805
    DIN EN 60065 VDE 0860
    *Class A: UL
     Class E: CSA, BSI, NEMKO, TuV Rheinland, VDE

    japan industrial standard(JIS)
    british standard (BS)
    material specification & equivalent table
    EI-core detail specifications
    size of bobbins